Friday Notes

October 6, 2017

Dear Dixie District Family,

This week I am feeling a great deal of appreciation for California and the many things we take for granted here. Last week I attended the annual convening conference for my doctorate program at Harvard. There, I was able to hear about and discuss educational issues from across the United States. These insights were on my mind throughout this week and I was reminded of how unique we are that we have a...

September 22, 2017

It has been another terrific week across our district. Classroom routines are solidly in place and students are diving deeper into content in all subject areas. What stood out in nearly 50 classroom visits this week is strong and growing work in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in our district. Our students are high performers in math and our teachers continue to be dedicated to that area. We have not talked a...

September 15, 2017

In over thirty-five classroom visits this week, a couple of things stood out. The first was the high value we put on active learning. It was great to see students in a variety of activities across the grade levels. I saw quite a bit of small group work, community meetings, game based centers, and outdoor physical education. Students were engaged and enjoying their learning experience. The second was the amount of writing stude...

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Dixie Superintendent 

Dr. Jason Lustig Yamashiro, Ed.L.D

Dr. Yamashiro is thrilled to join the award winning schools in Dixie after three years of transformative leadership as superintendent in Old Adobe Union School District. Over a few year period he led the adoption and implementation of new math programs, the development of a model educational technology program, extensive facilities modernization, the development of unique school themes at all school sites, and increased enrollment over 15% over a four year period.


Dr. Yamashiro spent over 21 years as an East Bay Area educator and site administrator before returning to school to earn his doctoral degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education immediately prior to starting as Superintendent of Old Adobe Union School District. Dr. Yamashiro completed his doctoral program in residence as Special Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent of Oakland Unified School District, supporting high school redesign, implementation of the CORE waiver to help innovate school turnaround support, and helping to lead the team working on reducing disproportionate discipline in the district.


Dr. Yamashiro began his career in education under his bachelor surname of Lustig, earning his bachelor’s degree concurrently with his teaching credential. He taught for five years in the upper elementary grades (4th-6th) at Allendale School in Oakland Unified before moving to a vice-principal position at an 850 student K-7 school in San Lorenzo.


Dr. Yamashiro became principal at Cragmont Elementary School in Berkeley in January 1997, and in just a few years won statewide recognition for achievement gains with a 124 point API gain between 1999 and 2000. Cragmont, with its highly improved academic program and model arts program that included visual arts, music, and dance for all students every week, rapidly became by far the most requested school in the Berkeley choice system. At Cragmont, Dr. Yamashiro was well known for his “Principal’s Challenges” that engaged all the students in achieving a goal (for example, reaching a schoolwide goal for reading at home every night resulted in students shaving his head onstage), and played an instrumental role in developing a strand Dual Immersion program for one third of the students.


Ten years and three children later (his three boys were born in 2000, 2003, and 2007), Dr. Yamashiro accepted a promotion to become principal at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. Over four years at King, he collaborated with the staff and the district to implement significant changes that took the school from good to great - raising African-American and Latino subgroup API scores by over 100 points (as he had done at Cragmont), dramatically improving school culture and climate, and rebuilding a strained relationship between families and the school. Dr. Yamashiro’s weekly phone blasts became the model standard communication tool for all school principals in BUSD, as did his tradition of knowing every student in his schools by name.


In 2011, Dr. Yamashiro was drawn away from King to the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Doctor of Education Leadership program. One of only 25 students selected from a competitive pool of hundreds of applicants, he and his family moved across the country so that he could receive intensive immersion in leadership training.


Dr. Yamashiro received his high school diploma from Berkeley High School, BA in Political Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz, MA from Chapman University, and Ed.L.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Dear Dixie Community,


The Dixie School District Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that, by a unanimous vote, we have selected Dr. Jason Lustig Yamashiro to serve as our District Superintendent.  He will begin his work in the Dixie District on July 24th. 

Dr. Yamashiro comes to Dixie after successfully reinvigorating the elementary schools in Old Adobe Union School District in Petaluma. There, he led the district in its effort to develop unique theme based schools, rebuild the music program, adopt and implement a new, common core based math program, and dramatically increase enrollment.

In his 25-year career as an educator, Dr. Yamashiro has worked as an elementary teacher in Oakland, elementary and middle school principal in Berkeley, district office leader in Oakland, and superintendent in Old Adobe Union. 


A native of the Bay Area, Dr. Yamashiro and his wife, Amy, live in Albany with their three sons ages 10, 14, and 17. Dr. Yamashiro received his high school diploma from Berkeley High School, his BA in Politics and his teaching credential from the University of California at Santa Cruz, his MA from Chapman University, and his Ed.L.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 


Dr. Yamashiro’s work history consistently demonstrates outstanding academic gains, excellent collaboration with staff, belief in well-rounded educational programs, and great communication with parents and community.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Yamashiro!



Dixie Board of Trustees

Brad Honsberger, Alissa Chacko, Marnie Glickman, Mark Schott, and Jennifer Taekman

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