Cleaning, Sanitizing, & Disinfecting


  • HVAC systems will be on while students and staff are on campus
  • Highest rated MERV filter installed and replaced every other month
  • Directions for operations provided to staff
  • Air purifiers for Wave 1 & 2 (research a permanent product for future waves)

Available Supplies

  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Spray bottle with Sani -Q sanitizer (one per classroom)
  • Hand sanitizer (wall dispensed, on campus, and individual bottles)
  • Disinfecting wipes

Daily Custodial Cleaning PracticesClassrooms

  • Empty waste can
  • Change the bag in waste can
  • Check and refill all dispensers (soap, sanitizer, towels)
  • Clean & disinfect doorknobs, sinks, countertops, light switches daily
  • Clean desks & student chairs using a clean or rinsed cloth as necessary
  • Vacuum carpet if applicable
  • Dry mop floor as necessary
  • Wet mop floor as necessary but at least once a week as scheduled per rotation
  • Electrostatically disinfect entire room: This is the last cleaning operation of the session.
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces in between AM/PM groups

Daily Custodial Cleaning PracticesBathrooms

  • Empty trash cans
  • Refill soap
  • Refill paper towels
  • Refill toilet paper
  • Clean & Disinfect sinks
  • Clean & Disinfect toilet seats
  • Clean & Disinfect door knobs
  • Clean & Disinfect grab bars
  • Clean & Disinfect stall doors
  • Mop floor (Daily at end of school)

Products Used

Cleaning means to remove dirt, dust, debris, and sticky substances by washing, wiping, scrubbing, or mopping hard surfaces with soap or detergent and water. Routine cleaning of toys, floors, manipulatives, play equipment, counters, and shelves is recommended for child care settings. Oxivir cleaner is used for this purpose.

Sanitizing means to kill germs at a level that reduces the risk of becoming ill from contact with germs on the surface. Sanitizing is used on food contact surfaces (dishes, utensils, cutting boards, high chair trays, tables), toys that students may place in their mouths and mixed use tables. Sani-Q sanitizer is used for this purpose.

Disinfection means to destroy almost all germs that could make a person sick. Disinfecting is for toileting areas and high-touch areas that collect lots of germs (bathroom faucets and counters, diaper changing tables, toilets, sinks used in toileting routines, drinking fountains, doorknobs). Terminator disinfectant is used for this purpose.

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