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Miller Creek School District Bond Measure C

Thank you, Miller Creek School District voters for approving the District's Bond Issue, Measure C on Nov. 4, 2014. 

Your support for Measure C authorized the district receive $30 million through issuing general obligation bonds. in order to update aging classrooms and instructional technology, provide updated middle school science classrooms, upgrade electrical wiring to current safety codes, improve campus safety and security, repair, construct, acquire, equip classrooms, sites, facilities. No Bond funds were to be used for administrators, salaries, benefits or pensions.

                            Miller Creek School District Bond projects

Roof Replacement Districtwide, 2015

Vallecito Playground, 2015

Miller Creek Middle Lohwasser Field, 2015

Roof Construction
Playground Valecito
Miller Creek Field

Lucas Valley Multi-Use Room, 2016

Vallecito Courtyard, 2016

Mary E Silveira Multi-Use Expansion, 2016

LVE multipurpose room
Vallecito Lunch Area
MES Multi-Use

Lucas Valley Modernization, 2017

Miller Creek Middle School HVAC, 2017

Vallecito Modernization, 2017

LVE Modernization
HVAC Miller Creek
Val Modernization

Mary E Silveira Modernization, 2018

Lucas Valley Lighting, 2019

Miller Creek Middle School Modulars, 2019

MES Modernization
LVE Lighting Modernization
Miller Creek Modulars
Citizen's Oversight Committee

The purpose of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee for Miller Creek School District is to ensure that bond revenues are only expended for the , upgrade and modernization of school facilities including the furnishing and equipping of school facilities, as approved by the voters and as identified in the district’s school facilities project list prepared for Measure C.

Bond Resolution, August 5, 2014

Bond Oversight Committee Meetings           Agendas and Minutes

                  Next Meeting:   March 5, 2020

     Dec. 5, 2019            Agenda     Minutes     Slides

     Mar. 21, 2019         Agenda     Minutes

     Feb. 27, 2018          Agenda     Minutes     Slides

     Sept. 19, 2017        Agenda     Minutes    Slides  

     Feb. 28, 2017          Agenda     Minutes     Slides

     Sept. 20, 2016        Agenda     Minutes     Slides

     Feb. 23, 2016          Agenda     Minutes

     Sept. 29, 2015         Agenda     Minutes 

Bond Performance
Financial Audit Reports