Miller Creek School District Music Program

Steve Steinberg

District Band Teacher

Program Coordinator

Tyler Graves

Instructional Aide


Shahrazad Vakharia

District Orchestra Teacher

3rd Grade Music

Marianne Ellenberger

Instructional Aide


Christopher Rieder

District Choral Teacher

3rd Grade Music

Important Music Information


Music Handbook 2018-2019





Miller Creek School District Music Department


The Miller Creek School District Music Department believes that music is an integral part of a student’s overall education. The music program enables students to acquire knowledge, develop skills and expand their creative potential. Miller Creek School District music specialists strive to establish for every student a lasting relationship with music that provides satisfaction, enjoyment, and personal growth during the school years and throughout life. 


Miller Creek District music curriculum is based on developing skills in the areas of the elements of music, performing, describing, and creating. Music instruction uses the hands-on implementation of listening, singing, playing, moving, reading, writing, exploring, creating, developing, and performing. Miller Creek District music specialists emphasize that students learn by using a variety of learning modes and cognitive processes.          


Our comprehensive music program includes band, orchestra and choral music education. More information regarding the Miller Creek School District music program is available in the Music Handbook.

4th Grade Band
Video Recitals

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4th Grade Orchestra
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Beginning Band

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