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Board Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights from the Regular Meeting on 8-11-20


New Special Education Director

Superintendent Rosales introduced our new Director of Special Education, Philippa Rosenblatt, to the Board.


Ratification of Interdistrict Transfer Actions

  • The district has approved Interdistrict Transfer renewals for 30 continuing students and three new application requests on the Allen Bill.  

  • The district has denied thirty renewal application requests for Interdistrict Transfers.  

  • No new applications for Interdistrict transfers for 2020-21 were approved.

The Board Ratified the Actions with a roll call vote of 5:0.


Fall Reopening Plans

Asst. Superintendent Kristy Treewater, Lucas Valley principal Will Anderson, Vallecito principal Elizabeth Foher, Mary Silveria principal Bjorn Remmers and Miller Creek Middle School Principal Tenisha Tate and Asst. Principal Derek Lecy shared extensive plans for reopening in the fall.  The team used the following documents to discuss the plans:

Memorandum of Understanding between CSEA Chapter 341 and Miller Creek School District Regarding the Impact of Layoff in Resolution 2019-20-19.

The Board approved the MOU with a roll call vote of 5:0.


45 Day Budget Revision

Miller Creek School District CBO Erik Lee presented the 45 day Budget revision. The budget revision represents Miller Creek School District’s “45 Day Revision” of material changes in revenues and expenditures that it has made to its budget to reflect the funding made available by the California Legislature’s FY20-21 Budget Act.  Among the funding that has been made available is money via the CARES ESSER funding, the Learning Loss Mitigation Fund and the GEER federal funding.  

The Board approved the 45 day budget revision with a roll call vote of 5:0.


The next meeting of the board will be a special meeting to review the consolidated application and the MCEA MOU.  This meeting will take place on August 17th via zoom at 10:00am. The details for this meeting will be posted in the news section of the Miller Creek SD website.  


Miller Creek Regular Meeting of the Board
June 23, 2020


Miller Creek School District Policy Manual

The board voted unanimously to rescind the current Miller Creek School District Policy Manual and globally adopt a new completely updated Policy manual.  The policy manual does include the draft equity policy created by the District’s Equity Learning and Action Working Group team.    


Update on the DEF

Ms. Rosales provided an update for the Board regarding the DEF.  The DEF board of trustees voted at a meeting on May 13, 2020, to dissolve and distribute its assets to the school district.  Ms. Rosales clarified that the assets may take several months to be received by the district. Because the initial Foundation funds were generated from the sale of surplus District real property, the California Education Code requires that the funds donated to the District by the Foundation be used solely for District capital purposes.


LCAP Operations Report

Ms. Treewater presented the Board with an LCAP Covid-19 operations report.  The Board approved the report with a vote of 5:0.  The report presented can be found in the news section of the Miller Creek home page as directed by state law.


Fall 2020 Reopening Schools Update

Ms. Treewater shared the Marin County Public Health Guided Return to Site-Based Instruction document.  She also presented the staff and community feedback she had collected regarding a reopening plan and the guiding principles that will be used for determining 2020-21 learning models.   


Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators

The Board approved the Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators 5:0.  The Declaration of Need (DON) is an annual form submitted to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing by California school districts as required by statute. The DON form contains the estimated number of emergency and limited assignment teaching permits that may be requested during the school year.  


Resolution 2019/20-23: 180 Wait Period Exception

The Board passed this resolution with a vote of 5:0.  This resolution will authorize the appointment of Ms. Virginia Pheatt, whose retirement is effective on June 26, 2020, as a classified substitute employee in the position of Assistant to the Chief Business Official. 


Miller Creek School District Budget for 2020/21

The Board reviewed the Budget and held a Public Hearing at the June 9th, 2020 meeting of the Board.  The Board approved the 2020/21 budget with a vote of 5:0.

At the previous meeting, on June 9th, Ms. Ryland presented a complete budget review for the board.  


Resolution 2019/20-21 Authorization to Issue a Tax Anticipation Note

The Board unanimously approved this resolution which enables the district to borrow from the county to cover cash shortfalls that may be experienced due to state funding deferrals. 


Consideration of the Need for the July 14th Board Meeting

The Board voted 5:0 to cancel the July 14th meeting and hold a special meeting on July 28th.  Ms. Treewater and Ms. Rosales shared that they wanted to survey the staff and families, have planning meetings with teacher teams, MCEA and CSEA during July.  The later meeting will be needed to share findings and make decisions. 


The Next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be on July 28, 2020.  It will be a special meeting.  Therefore, the agenda will be published 24 hours prior to the meeting.    



Miller Creek Regular Meeting of the Board
May 12, 2020


Golden Bell Honorees

Ms. Kristy Treewater presented a beautiful slideshow for the Board highlighting the things we admire and appreciate about our beloved Golden Bell winners.  The winners for this year are:  
Rachel Stone, Teacher at Vallecito
Nicole Camarda, Teacher at Lucas Valley
Kathy Presson, Teacher Mary Silveira
Kathy Jung, PE Teacher Miller Creek
Teri Edell, Secretary Lucas Valley
Hugo Pineda, Custodian Vallecito
Deb Pauley, Miller Creek Middle School

Here is a link to the presentation.

State Budget update
Ms. Ryland shared with the Board that many of the proposed increases for education contained in the Governor’s January budget will no longer be possible due to the huge State deficit created by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is anticipated that there will be significant cuts to the California budget which will in turn dramatically impact the District’s budget.  It is currently projected that there will be a decrease of approximately $18.3 billion of Prop. 98 funding.  We will learn more when the Governor reveals his May Budget Revision on May 14, 2020.

Miller Creek May Budget Update
Ms. Ryland shared a presentation with the Board that can be found as an attachment to the May 12, 2020, agenda.  Key messages were as follows:

  1. Cash flow is critical during these uncertain times.  
  2. The FCMAT advisory is recommending CBOs prepare multiple budget scenarios because there are a lot of unknowns at the moment. COLA is expected to be negative based on state budget issues.

  3. State cash deferrals are expected with the district not receiving actual cash from the state until late July, so the district must plan for this temporary cash shortfall with a TAN addendum.

  4. The goal of the district is to eliminate deficit spending by the end of 2021.

  5. The actions the Board took at the last board meeting (suspend TK, reduce inter-district transfers and reduce contracted busing) resulted in an essentially balanced budget. Ms. Ryland noted these were difficult but important decisions.

  6. District budget development with possible further cuts is underway with a hearing in June.

  7. The State will release budget revisions in the late summer after income taxes are received in July, and this could further affect District budgeting. 

LCAP Update
Ms. Treewater presented her update on the District’s LCAP.  She shared with the Board that the State issued order N-56-20 on April 22, 2020, which changed the LCAP plan.  The deadline for the LCAP was moved to December 15, 2020.  The revised template for the LCAP is TBD.  The State delayed the implementation of the three year LCAP until 2021/22 thru 2023/24.  A written report providing an overview of changes in the programs offered by the District in response to COVID-19 is expected and will go before the Board for approval by July 1, 2020. Ms. Treewater’s full board report on the LCAP can be found here.

Report on Equity Learning and Action Committee
Ms. Treewater presented to the board the considerable work the equity committee was able to complete before having to suspend due to the Shelter In Place.  She shared that prior to the pandemic the Equity Working Group (EWG) was able to hold four meetings which were co-facilitated by the non-profit “Facing History and Ourselves”. The group produced a draft Equity Framework Tool. Leaders at the District have already begun to use the tool in draft form to ask key questions.  This tool  as well as Ms. Treewater’s full board report on the Equity Learning and Action Committee can be found as an attachment on the May 12, 2020, agenda.

Policy Update
Ms. Rosales told the Board that the District plans to bring a full set of updated policies to the Board at a regular June meeting for review and possible global adoption.